Good Riddance Day Celebrates End To 2021

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NEW YORK – A lot of people want to put both 20-20 and 20-21 behind them, so the 15th annual “Good Riddance Day” in Times Square may be more needed than ever before.

The event is hosted by the Times Square Alliance. There’s usually a massive shredder for this but they went with a fire pit this year.

People from all over come to the crossroads of the world to write down unhappy, unpleasant or downright unwanted memories from this year and toss them in the incinerator.

The most common theme this year, by far is the pandemic and everything that comes with it.

CBS New York / YouTube

It wasn’t all COVID. People came up with all kinds of bad vibes to burn up.

The event kicks off the annual Times Square New Year’s festivities which are scaled back again this year because of the pandemic. So out of the ashes of 2021 many are hoping 2022 comes with a silver lining.

The FDNY was on hand for that event to make sure it was safe for everyone involved.


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