Upstate Minimum Wage Increases To $13.20, Fast Food Worker Wage To $15


JAMESTOWN – The minimum wage in upstate New York will increase to $13.20 an hour on Friday, with a specific increase to $15 an hour for fast food workers.

The increase is part of a minimum wage hike passed in 2016 that rolls out over five-years.

The wage upstate is increasing 70-cents from the current rate of $12.50 which was set last year.

As for fast food workers, according to state officials there will be a $15 an hour wage regardless of location.

Many businesses across New York have called for a halt of the wage increase because of the pandemic’s economic impacts. State leaders however have yet to take action on that front.

The state’s Division of the Budget says low-wage workers were among the hardest hit last year.

Specifically, they say over 50 percent of losses impacted fields with minimum wage workers like the retail, health care and hospitality industries.


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