Flights, COVID Testing Impacted By Winter Weather In D.C.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Our nation’s capital got some of the most snow they’ve seen in years. The weather was so bad, it shut down schools, COVID testing sites and the airports had to ground their planes for awhile.

Although Washington D.C.  missed out on a white Christmas, Monday morning made up for that as snow blanketed our nation’s capital. But it disrupted business as usual here in the District. Some federal buildings were closed for the day; at two of the DMV airports, some flights were canceled. There was also a temporary ground stop so that crews can remove snow from the runways; and COVID testing sites were shut down.

Crews were out and about clearing paths on sidewalks and near the metro stations. Snow plows made their way through the city. The National Weather Service expects the District to get anywhere between five to ten inches of snow. That’s the highest amount of snowfall in three years.

“We’re visiting from Florida,” said Edgar and Victoria.

We caught up with people walking around.

“I love it,” said Victoria referring to the snow.

“Why do you love it,” asked the reporter.

“Because I get to throw snowballs,” replied Victoria.

Whether it was by throwing snowballs or out sightseeing.

“I cannot see anything at the moment,” said Chin Surasurin.

Or at least trying to see some of the sites. There was hardly any foot traffic at some of the usually busy areas. At the National Mall, a tourist hotspot, the visibility was so low, you couldn’t see the Capitol. But after making our way closer, the Capitol was indeed, still there.

With all this winter weather, D.C.’s Mayor issued a snow emergency in the District until Tuesday morning. “I can’t emphasize enough right now that you should stay home, stay off the roads, allow our crews to work,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser.

And as for these folks, they said they wanted to find a spot much warmer than outside.


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