Chautauqua County Legislator Eyes Code Enforcement System Reforms

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MAYVILLE – A Chautauqua County Legislator that represents the Jamestown area plans to combat housing issues by rolling out changes to the code enforcement system.

Legislator Dave Wilfong was sworn into office earlier this week after he was elected to serve those in Jamestown’s 11th District in the November election.

In the past few years, Wilfong has worked in the code enforcement field. During his time, he has noticed several inefficiencies in the system.

He tells us code enforcement officers are spread thin around the county, with local many governments at times unable to hire the needed manpower.

Under his plan, municipalities would still handle rolling out zoning regulations; however, the county would handle the code enforcement side.

“Then we could employ specialists, we could employ a concert specialist, or a trust specialist, that would be dispatched if you were building a house or something, and come take a look at that particular project, instead of jack-of-all-trades, like myself, come and take a look at it, where I might not know that much about plumbing, or electrical,” explained Wilfong.

In addition, Wilfong would like to host a centralized code enforcement court which could speed up the process and relieve stress on local courts.

In the next few months, the lawmaker plans to discuss the idea with his colleagues, in hopes of advancing legislation.

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