Hunter Accused Of Shooting At Deer, Striking Carroll Home With Bullet

Pixabay / MGN

CARROLL – A 51-year-old hunter is accused of shooting his gun at a deer and striking a home in the Town of Carroll.

Carroll Police say the hunter, identified as Mark Fanale, was hunting on private property off of Warren Road when he fired at the animal back in December.

The bullet, police said, missed the deer and struck a home across the street. Investigators report the bullet entered a child’s bedroom before ricocheting off a wall and becoming lodged in the bedroom’s door.

Luckily, no one was home at the time of the shooting, and no one was injured.

Fanale has since been charged with discharging a firearm across a public highway by the State DEC.

Police say he is cooperating with their investigation and was issued an appearance ticket.


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