Monument Honoring Service Animals Could Be Built In D.C. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Service animals have helped people in different ways including emotional or physical assistance, search and rescue and even helping people during wartime. Now there’s a push in our nation’s capital to honor these animals for their service.   

When you think of Washington D.C., you might think of standout places like the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Now there’s a push to bring a new monument to D.C. which would honor service and working animals.   

“Creating a park-like setting with several clusters of animals everything from horses to dogs to birds to marine life, all the various animals that serve us in this world,” said Theresa Brandon with the National Service Animals Monument corporation. Brandon said throughout history animals have helped people in many ways, like farming and during wartime.  

“We have people who have horses who use them in a working scenario like law enforcement or like in therapy,” said Brandon. “Dolphins and sea lions worked with the U.S. Navy. Birds back in WWI and II, canaries tried to detect gas elements. Carrier pigeons carried messages before we had electronic radio equipment.”   

Including search and rescue dogs who helped in the 911 attack and the OKC bombing. Law enforcement animals and of course the animals that help people with emotional or physical disabilities. 

“Without the assistance of these animals our lives would be so much more tough,” said Brandon.   

bipartisan bill was recently introduced that supports this project but where it would be put in D.C. is still undecided. Brandon said she’s optimistic their vision to honor these animals will soon become a reality.   

“We really cannot say thank you enough to these animals,” said Brandon.  

Brandon says the nonprofit will raise the funds to build this monument.  

More information about the project is available here. 


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