Jamestown Public Schools Rolls Out Their “Test To Stay” Policy

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JAMESTOWN – A push to keep kids who come in contact with COVID-19 in class is now underway in Jamestown.

The Jamestown Public School District has officially rolled out their “Test to Stay” policy.

Earlier this month, the district was seeking more guidance from state leaders before taking action.

Under the new guidelines unvaccinated or asymptomatic students and employees that come in contact with the virus need to test negative for COVID-19 each day for five-days to continue to stay on school grounds. Parents are able to opt-out and have their students stay home during the time.

If a student did test positive while attending school, they are not allowed to partake in extra-curricular or after school activities. If they developed symptoms, both the student and staff would be sent home.

Additionally, those who come in contact with COVID-19 out of the classroom setting and the fully vaccinated are not eligible to take part.

More details on the district’s policy is posted online at jpsny.org/TTS.


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