Tow Truck Drivers Hard At Work Amid Monday’s Storm

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – “It has been a miserable day. There’s no other way to put it. It’s been like a war zone out here,” That’s how Eddie Whiteman, owner of Eddie’s Collectible’s, described Monday, after spending more than 12 hours towing cars out of several inches of snow. 

They hit the roads in Erie at 2:30am Monday morning.

“My night’s not going to end any time soon. The reason being people that have got stuck and left their cars in the middle of the road,” said Whiteman. “Roads have to be open. Emergency vehicles have to be able to come through.”

Eddie’s Collectibles works closely with both Millcreek and the City of Erie to tow cars blocking city streets. Clearing those vehicles is what Monday mostly consisted of.

In under 24 hours, they’ve already towed about 50 vehicles.

Anything hampering snow removal or obstructing paths had to be moved quickly to make way for plow trucks and emergency vehicles.

While this is a tough job with long days in weather like this, it’s one that’s extremely important.

“I would hate to see someone’s house burned down or lose a life because they couldn’t get a fire truck through there,” said Whiteman.

How can you help the people working in this weather?

“If you don’t need to go out. Don’t go out. Stay home and safe,” he said.

Eddie’s Collectible’s is located on West 18th Street in Erie. They’re hoping as the snow settles, they can work on assisting individuals Thursday, instead of mostly dealing with city calls.


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