Move Over, Frosty! PA Man Makes Builds 18-Foot-Tall Snowman

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Move over, frosty! A Pennsylvania man is trying to make the best out of the recent snowstorm, by building a massive snowman.

And his motivation? Just to make people smile.

“When life hands you a whole lotta snow, why not make a snowman?” said Tom GolembeskiI “I figured what better way, than to make a big snowman?”

An 18-foot tall snowman to be exact

“Started in the morning yesterday, finished up when it got dark, took a little while.”

He’s used to moving dirt for his excavating business.

“It was a lot more work than I thought, you’d figure using the machines would be easier, but there was a lot of hand carving to make it look like a snowman.”

But after the recent storm dumped more than 2-feet of snow in his Greene Township yard, he got to work.

“Carrot is a piece of PVC pipe wrapped with orange, arms are from a tree from out back, buttons and eyes are pieces of foam painted, and the same with the mouth, scarf is a 14-foot-long scarf and top hat is a trash can from the neighbor.”

And his motivation for this giant frosty is actually quite simple.

“With everything going on with the world, COVID and that, then we get this big blizzard, people stuck inside, everyone driving by get a free smile. Little things in life, might make someone’s day a little better, you know?”

And you can check out this massive snowman for yourself. It’s off Gunnison Road in Greene Township.


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