Jamestown Family Suddenly Thrown Out Of Long Time Apartment

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JAMESTOWN – A local family was forced to leave their home of seven years after they say their landlord failed to make needed repairs to the apartment, resulting in the building being condemned. 

Gerald Bay and Ashley Vincent, who have been renting the property at 16 Price Street, had a water main break, and after speaking to their landlord, they were told that they needed to contact the city. Inspectors came to the property and found many violations, deeming the house not to be occupied.

“The landlord texted us that day, we said CODE was here,” stated Bay “They just sent us a text message, said we’re shutting it down, you guys have to leave, and that’s all we heard.”

“It just breaks my heart, because they threw us and my children out on the street with a newborn baby with nowhere to go,” explained Vincent.

The family, which includes four children ranging from 17-years-old to five-months-old, then had to vacate the homestead with nowhere to go, leaving behind everything they owned.

“We had to pick up and leave within two days with nothing but our clothes on our back, and that’s all, we had to leave everything else,” stated Bay.

There is one thing they are grateful for, the community support during this struggle.

“We have seen a lot of blessings,” explained Bay. “Some guy really helped us out and got us four nights in a hotel and some people have been helping us out with food and a couple donations here and there.”

The family is now warning potential renters in the area to be cautious when finding a place to live.

“Be careful who you rent from,” stated Vincent. “Especially in Jamestown, because you don’t know who you’re going to get as a landlord.”

They are currently staying with a relative, and are looking for a fresh start. They have a GoFundMe page set up with a goal of $1,000 to help them move into a new home.



  1. My mother was also in that apartment and no one is out here offering to help her. She’s now homeless. They at least have people to stay with.

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