The Rise Of Mobile Sports Betting, How You Can Prevent Gambling Addiction

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ELMIRA, NY (WENY) – With mobile sports betting now legal in New York State, you can place bets virtually 24-7 on your phone or tablet. For many, it’s fun, exciting, and super convenient however what if you have a gambling problem?

The Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center shares some tips on how to tell if you have a gambling problem and what you should do.

“Anytime that you increase the availability and accessibility of gambling you are bound to increase potential problems,” Jenna Hotaling, Team Leader with Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center said.

Business has been booming for mobile sports betting in New York ever since it became legal at the start of the year.

“About $150 million dollars were wagered the first weekend for mobile sports betting. So as we see the weekends progress especially with playoffs we are going to see a spike in this especially around Superbowl time,” she said.

Roughly 5 percent of adults have a gambling problem. There are more advertisements being shared that encourage people to set a limit and stay within that limit. A Clinician with the organization says it’s important to know your limit.

“We want to make sure that especially people entering into this world for the first time that it is important to understand your limit and set a limit to recognize if there’s a desire and a regular plan to move past your limit,” Cathy Saresky said.

She also shares some signs on how to tell if you may have a gambling problem.

“When someone has losses and they can’t accept those losses and so they start chasing after and trying to compensate for the money they’ve lost,” Saresky said.

There are seven New York State Problem Gambling Resource centers throughout the state. The goal is to make sure there are no barriers for those who need help when they’re are ready.

“If you go right to our website There will be a visual that will show you all parts of new york state and you just click on where you are from and that will bring you right a landing page to help you get connected to help,” Hotaling said.


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