Frewsburg Woman Charged In Death Of Pitbull

Pexels / MGN

CARROLL – A Frewsburg woman is facing charges after police say her Pitbull died due to her alleged negligence.

Town of Carroll Police in a news release allege 33-year-old Amanda Wickstorm left her mixed breed Pitbull outside without food, water or shelter resulting in its death.

Additionally, officer say Wickstorm also allegedly failed to care for another Rottweiler she owned.

Wickstorm is charged with overdriving, torturing and injuring animals, failure to provide proper sustenance, failure to provide appropriate shelter for dogs left outdoors and failure to license a dog.



  1. 33-year-old Amanda Wickstorm should be tied up outside in the bitter cold for a couple of weeks….no fdood, no water….see how she fares…..

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