Travel Agencies Stay Busy As People Look To Escape The Cold

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – If the colder temperatures and more snow in the forecast doesn’t excite you, you aren’t alone.

Local travel agents are busy this time of year as people flock to warmer weather for winter vacations.

After working in the travel industry for decades, Ann Denny, owner of Miller Travel Agency is busy once again, booking trips for people looking to escape the cold and cope with the ongoing pandemic.

She said people have been heading to Pittsburgh and Cleveland to catch flights to places like the Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Punta Cana to escape the cold and catch some sun.

“I’ve been the businesses 38 years, so I’ve rolled through 9/11, this is just another thing we have to roll through:”, said Denny.

Denny has been busy booking trips for families, large and small. “We have a lot of family vacations, people have been away from family for almost two years and now that they have all gotten vaccinated, we are doing a lot of family vacations”, explained Denny.

After nearly two years in a pandemic, Denny said people are feeling more comfortable and willing to go the distance for some rest and relaxation, “They are saying, I’m vaccinated, I’m going. The omicron has not effected one iota.”

Covid -19 is still on the minds of many, which is why Denny said more and more people are buying travel insurance due to the pandemic.

“I have not sold a trip that did not include cancellation insurance. 99.9 percent of the things I book has insurance included”, explained Denny.

Denny explained if the stress of bookings, making arrangements and travel plans is too overwhelming then a travel agent could be a stress reliever and solution.

Denny’s advice to anyone on the fence about traveling, near or far, is to book the trip.

“You work to vacation. Yes we have to pay our bills, but everybody likes to have a day off and everybody likes to go and see someplace new or be a little adventurous and I always say you work to vacation,” said Denny.

Denny also said the duration of trips has been varying too, some people are opting for a four day trip, others wanting to get away for up to ten days to really get a good break from the snow.


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