A Look At New York’s Final Draft To Redraw Congressional Districts

Image courtesy: State Democratic Majority's Proposal

ALBANY – Lawmakers could vote as soon as this week to redraw congressional districts in New York as the Empire State loses a seat in Congress.

Democratic legislators in the state released a draft of what the plan could look like on Sunday.

New York’s 23rd Congressional District, which currently includes Jamestown, would expand north to incorporate portions of southern Erie and Wyoming counties.

Image courtesy: State Democratic Majority’s Proposal

The zone would also stretch east to Broome County; including 14 counties total. The new plan will not include Ithaca or Binghamton, two cities that were previously part of the plan.

The entire state legislature would need to approve the proposal before it is enacted. The plan is already taking heat from the head of the state’s Republican Party.

New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy in a statement Sunday said, “These maps are the most brazen and outrageous attempt at rigging the election to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Voters spoke loud and clear in rejecting their partisan power grab last year and in 2014, but Democrats are circumventing the will of the people.”


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