Congressman Urges Taxpayers To File 2021 Returns ASAP

Cropped image by Ken Teegardin / CC BY-SA 2.0

WASHINGTON – Tax return season opened last week, and Congressman Tom Reed is reminding constituents to file their taxes sooner rather than later.

Reed spoke with reporters during a press conference. He explains that filing earlier would help taxpayers ensure that potential issues with the IRS won’t affect their returns.

“The IRS is experiencing a tremendous backlog due to the COVID issues and staffing issues and the new norm we are looking at in dealing with COVID,” Reed said. “The IRS has an unprecedented backlog. We had a call with the IRS Commissioner (Tuesday) discussing these issues, encouraging them to make sure they utilize all of the resources available, try to make sure they return to some sort of normalcy when it comes to staffing level so the IRS could get the backlog of last year’s returns addressed.”

Reed’s office recommends to see if people are eligible for an Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC).

People in need of assistance in dealing with the IRS are asked to call Reed’s Corning office at (607)654-7566


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