Schumer Pushes For Federal Funding To Stop Spread Of Illegal Firearms


NEW YORK – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is pushing for $1.5 billion dollars in funding to stop the spread of illegal firearms in New York.

It comes as violent gun incidents are on the rise in the state.

Speaking at a press conference Sunday, Schumer said the money would specifically go to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who in turn would direct its focus on the iron pipeline, gun trafficking and states that export guns to New York.

“The bottom line is there is something called the firearms freeway, it’s I-95, and in southern states with lax laws, gun traffickers, gun dealers buy guns put them in the trunks of their car and bring them up here,” said Schumer. “The best place to stop them is at the source.”

The Senator goes on to say that 95 percent of the guns used in crimes in New York come from out of state. That’s why he says the ATF needs to be involved to stop the spread.


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