Protesters Block Roads, Call On Biden And Senate To Pass Build Back Better

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda trying to provide for things like child tax credits and climate change investments have been tough to pass in Congress, but a group of protesters blocked off a few D.C. streets hoping to keep that agenda alive.  

Early Monday morning, activists with the group Shutdown DC disrupted business as usual in the nation’s capital with one goal in mind. They shut down a couple of blocks in the heart of D.C. with the White House in the background of this protest. They said they really want to get Biden’s attention to pass Build Back Better legislation.

“The president hasn’t done all that he can do to make sure that it passes,” said LaDon Love, the executive director of SPACES In Action and Shutdown DC. “We’re calling on him to have a backbone and move Build Back Better. We’re calling on the Senate to have a spine and move Build Back Better.”

This roughly two-trillion dollar proposal would extend the child tax credit, expand healthcare and provide one of the largest climate change investments. To visualize the need for this legislation, protesters brought out a couple of props.

“We have things that represent vision and dental climate justice and child care,” said Love.

The BBB passed the House but it’s held up in the Senate because a handful of democrats are opposed to it, including the senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin (D-WV).

“I don’t understand why especially when so many people in West Virginia need the support,” said Love. “Things like the child tax credit helps to lift people out of poverty and helps make ends meet.”

Biden promoted to pass BBB again in Pennsylvania last week but unless all senate democrats agree, this legislation is unlikely to move forward, but these protesters said they still have hope.

“I believe that it will pass,” said Love. “We don’t want any more cuts so our communities can get the resources that we need.”


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