Former Jamestown Factory On Verge Of “Catastrophic Collapse”

Image by Bronson Rasmussen / WNY News Now.

JAMESTOWN – A former Jamestown factory is the verge of a “catastrophic collapse.”

According to the city’s Director of Development, 1061 Allen Street has been a problem property for several years and has deteriorated at an increasingly rapid rate over the past year or so.

On Wednesday, officials announced they are working to hold the property owners: Allen Street Development, LLC and Patricia and Richard J. Rusiniak, accountable.

The Cheektowaga natives, officials tell us, have been cited several times for junk and debris, failure to renovate or demolish, and with numerous other code violations.

The EPA and NYS DEC have inspected the structure, and last week found suspected hazardous materials on the now condemned site.

In the coming months, the Department of Development is taking the owners to court as part of a series of ongoing lawsuits under 19-A and Zombie Lawsuit law.

The municipality fears that come spring we could see a repeat of what happened to the former Jamestown Royal Upholstery Factory, a massive fire that caused an immediate danger.


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