Pushback Against New York’s Mask Mandate Continues

Image courtesy: Senator Borrello / Facebook.

ALBANY – Pushback against New York’s extended mask mandate continues to grow, this as Governor Kathy Hochul says COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations remain on the decline statewide.

The indoor mask mandate, which was re-issued in December, had its legality called into question with petitioners saying the state Health Department did not have the authority to enact it.

Last week, a judge ruled against the mandate, then just a day later, a separate court put it back in place.

Governor Hochul was asked on Tuesday about lifting the mandate before the end of February, she said that she will have conversations with hospitals and school leaders before any decision would be made.

As it stands, the act is set to expire on February 10. It could be renewed, however.

The state’s presumptive GOP Candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin joined State Senator George Borrello and others during a rally at the State Capitol, taking a stand against the requirement.

“Every crisis has been used as an opportunity to take away our essential liberty,” said Borrello. “These folks are not about open government, they are not about listen to the people, they are about satisfying the most radical special interests on the far-left in order to stay in power.”

Borrello goes on to say that the pandemic has allowed elected leaders in Albany to strip back legislative powers allowing the state’s executive branch unrestricted control. The fight against the mandate continues, which the Senator has said will likely result in a lengthy legal battle.


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