Ride Share App Drivers Ready For Winter Weather

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – With wet heavy snow expected as we head toward the end of the work week, many of us will be trying to stay home. Regardless, some folks will have to get out.

“I made on a Monday night what I would normally make on a Saturday night,” said Ron Thornton, experienced Uber drive.

Ride share drivers, working for companies like Uber and Lyft, had a busy week after the MLK Day snow storm and are expecting that trend to continue.

“The way everybody was plowed in because we got hit so hard. It’s easier to call an Uber than it is to dig your car out,” he said.

Thornton says he sees an array of calls on days with severe weather, including rescuing stranded drivers. But, there’s times it can be risky.

“First and foremost, it’s not just about our safety. People have to keep in mind is yes, I know a lot of people depend on us, but at the same time it’s our vehicles that are at risk.”

Even though the risk is there, he says for him it’s worth it to get drivers where they need to go in the snow because it eventually does pay off.

“There’s going to be plenty of money to be made with nobody wanting to drive because there are plenty of people who are afraid to drive, so they’ll take an Uber,” said Thornton.

If you are one of those people who will be utilizing a ride share app, his advice is pretty simple. Be patient, and be ready to go when they arrive.

“I’ll text the rider before I pull off and let them know I’m on my way. Roads are slick, but I will be there.”

If you’re using services like UberEats or Doordash, make sure your sidewalks and driveway is cleared as much as it can be, so your delivery driver can make it to you safely.


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