Congressman Reed Rips State Democrats Over Redistricting Maps

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed is joining other GOP officials in calling out the Democrat-controlled New York State Legislature for what he says was political “gerrymandering.”

Reed spoke with reporters during a weekly press conference recently. During the conference, Reed was asked for his thoughts on the recently approved maps.

The Congressman explains that he believes that the redistricting maps are a result of protecting interests in Washington.

“I’m very disappointed in the hypocrisy of the one-party control of the Democratic party in Albany that is using gerrymandering 100 percent for political purposes to achieve a goal at the National level to protect Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,” Reed said. “Voters should be aware of what they’re doing in Albany and I think the voters will hold them accountable.”

Reed, who will be leaving Congress after this term, says that, despite disagreeing with the map, he is glad to see that the Southern Tier will still see a Republican represent the region. He adds that he believes there are several Republicans who could represent the region.


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