Honest John’s Gears Up For Super Bowl Sunday

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JAMESTOWN – One of Jamestown’s largest pizza providers is gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday.

At both the Honest John’s Restaurant and Pizzeria locations, owner John Raymond and his crews started preparations a few weeks ago, as they anticipate to sell over 8,000 wings on Sunday alone. John says the Western New York staple has been hard to come-by recently.

“I’m lucky I’ve been around a while, so I got a good rapport with my major suppliers and I’m going to get the wings in,” said Raymond

Raymond says due to the pandemic supply has been challenging to come by.

“For a while supply was really tight and a lot of allocations, so even if you were getting fifty cases of wings some places were only allowed ten for a while,” explained Raymond.

This is quite possibly one of the busiest weekends of the year for Honest John’s, which is why Raymond says get your orders in now.

“Now we got it set up so that three days before the super bowl you can go online, make your pre order for a certain time you want it approximately,” Raymond explained. “We do suggest people preorder, anybody preordering are going to be priorities so if you want it for six o’clock you’re going to pretty much have it at six o’clock.”

Although many popular food prices have increased, Honest John’s plans to win you over with their stellar service.

“The one thing we can do is give great service,” Raymond continued. “Treat people like gold and they’ll come back because everyone’s going to have higher prices but that’s one aspect we can always do is treat everybody like kings and queens.”

In the end, Raymond is asking his customers to remember to be patient with his employees, as they are working to get everyone their meal on time.

This weekend only, he is giving away a free buffalo burrito with every order over $20 dollars at both locations.


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