PA Trucker Convoy Heads To DC

Cutout GoToVan / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

SCRANTON, Pa (Erie News Now) – A convoy of truckers left Scranton, PA Wednesday, headed to DC in what one trucker called “The First Wave.”

Truckers in northeastern Pennsylvania spent their morning loading up at least one week’s worth of food and supplies as they geared up to hit the roads, not knowing when they’ll be back.

They say it’s all to send a message.

Truck drivers are protesting a number of things, like vaccine mandates, fuel prices, and restrictions on the trucking industry.

“This is all about making a statement peacefully, exercising our first amendment rights, free speech,” said protester Larry LoSchiavo. “We won’t use vulgarities or anything like that, it’s all about standing up for our rights.”

The Secretary of Defense has approved around 700 National Guard Troops to provide support at designated traffic posts, provide command and control, and cover sustainment requirements through March 7.

The convoy is a nationwide effort, but the Pennsylvania departure was set up by Bob Bolus, the owner of Bolus Truck Parts and Towing Service in Throop.

The protest has caught the attention of Washington, and he has a message for President Biden.

“You’re an embarrassment. You’re making a fool out of this country,” said Bolus. “You’re not a Scrantonian. You may have been born here, Joe. We remember each other as kids. But you’re not a Scrantonian, you’re a Delawarian.”


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