People Protest Ukrainian Conflict Outside Russian Embassy 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Russia continues their invasion into Ukraine, people across the world are protesting against Russia’s attacks and showing support for Ukraine. A handful of people protested outside of the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C.   

A couple of people wave to cars passing by. They held signs that said they’re against the war in Ukraine and they’re staging this protest right in front of the Russian Embassy.   

One woman who didn’t want to use her name or show her face out of fear for her family’s safety in Russia, briefly spoke with us:  

“Russians are against the war in general against the war,” the woman said.   

Stephen Levine was just passing by. He has distant cousins in Ukraine. Levine said some of his family escaped their homes to the mountains and others stayed behind to protect their stores. He believes they’re safe.   

“I hope everyone who had to evacuate is okay,” said Levine.   

“You see on both sides casualties,” said protester Konstantin Klinovsky. “Casualties of our kids; kids are losing their father’s life or women losing their husbands and mothers losing their sons.”  

Klinovsky said his parents-in-law are in Ukraine.   

“I don’t know if it’s being bombarded right now but I do hear reports that it’s something that it is,” said Klinovsky. “When we talk to them daily, they do to see that they can hear it [the attacks] in the distance.” We asked if his parents-in-law are safe, he replied “so far they’re okay”.  

Klinovsky is out by the Embassy protesting the war and he’s not alone. Thousands of people across the world from New York, Australia and even Russia are protesting the attack on Ukraine. He said sadly protesters in Russia have been arrested but he’s exercising his civil rights in front of Russia’s Embassy to send a message:  

“In this particular war there will be no winners,” said Klinovsky.   


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