Flailing Fish Fry Prices

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Inflation and supply chain issues and setbacks have changed many aspects of our day to day. From rising costs at the pump and at the grocery stores, now during Lent you might see a change in the price of a fish fry at your local churches and fire halls these next few weeks.

After calling around to many local churches and fire halls, the answer is all the same when I asked if they’re changing their prices to match with inflation issues. Most, if not all the places Erie News Now called had to raise their prices anywhere from 50 cents to two dollars to keep up with the changing prices at the grocery stores. It’s not just community ran fish fry’s that are feeling the hit.

Over at Molly Brannigan’s they say they’re grateful to be able to have stock of the fish, coleslaw and French fries because they know how hard it’s been for everyone with rising costs.

“It’s hit or miss. I mean some items more so than others it’s still an ongoing and consistent issue but we’ve been really fortunate working with our partners and our conveyers. They work really hard for us and work as a team to fix any issues,” says Red Letter rep, Annie Lewis.

West of downtown, 500 fish fry meals leave Holy Cross’s doors during a regular Lenten season, according to Events Coordinator Jary Quinlain.

“We’re spreading the word and we hope we get the turn out,” says Quinlain.

For the second year in a row, Holy Cross is only doing take out for their fish fry’s. But for the first time in the last 8 years Quinlain has been coordinating these Friday dinners, they’ve had to raise prices.

“We had many discussions about it and we felt people are facing high costs with everything. You go to the grocery store you go and get gas price are rising,” says Quinlain.

Quinlain says as a church they wanted to try and keep prices consistent to what the community has been used to. That’s why they decided on raising the prices of the kids meal instead of raising prices across the board.

“We did go up on the children’s meal one dollar. However, the quality and quantity of our meals aren’t going to change,” Quinlain explains.

Supply chain and inflation issues have caused churches, fire halls and restaurants in our area to have to make the choice: get rid of Friday fish fries or raise the prices.

All Saints Parish in Waterford has canceled their fish fry all together, while others have made up for costs by raising prices anywhere from 50 cents to two dollars.

At Molly Brannigan’s, Lewis tells me they haven’t had to raise their prices just yet, and but wouldn’t be surprised if supply chain issues made them sell out of the Lenten special faster this year.

“Reservations are very highly recommended. It helps us and it helps the guests so visit our website or give us a ring,” says Lewis.

A fish fry dinner at Molly Brannigan’s cost around $18. The average price of a fish fry dinner from our area is roughly $11.


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