Local Group Aims To Harness Fitness To Help Others 

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JAMESTOWN – A local group is aiming to harness the power of fitness to help others in need.

Bradley Barmore is asking others to “be more in life” through his group, Be More Fitness (BMF).

“What BMF is, is a series of events that we are running here in 2022, and they all raise money for local charities, local organizations, support groups and such. Each event is going to benefit a different group, and I created this group just to simply be more in the community that has been so great to me,” explains Barmore.

A physical education teacher and personal trainer, Barmore hopes to use fitness and adventure to get people out of their comfort zone and help out the community.

“Our first event was in November of 2021. Just had an idea that I wanted to do an off-road mud run and it went really well. We had over 120 participants and it took off from there. Everybody was asking, ‘Hey, when’s the next one? When’s the next one?’ So we did the polar plunge in January. It was the coldest day in five years,” boasts Barmore.

Over $6,400 was raised for the Joseph Dwyer Veterans Peer to Peer support group, as well as 400 jackets for those in need. The event attracted over 100 participants.

“Years ago I also ran a baseball event every year, it’s a charity baseball event. ‘Hits for a Cure’ down in Gerry. And when I first started I would give the money to a large organization, and once I wrote that check I would never hear back from them. I had no idea where that money was going, I had no idea what they were using it for,” admits Barmore.

Barmore then decided to have events to benefit one specific person or small group, and has now given back over $10,000 to local causes. At each event, BMF also collects certain goods for those in need, which Barmore explains helps raise awareness for those who are less fortunate.

“That is the bigger picture,” explains Barmore. “To raise money for a group or an organization that’s great. To collect the canned goods, that’s also great. But to raise awareness and get more people thinking about these people that are in need, that’s where we want everyone’s mindset to be.”

The next event, an off-road mud run, will take place March 19th at the Gerry Rodeo Grounds. Those who wish to preregister, or check out all the upcoming events, can do so before Monday, March 7th on the group’s Facebook page.

There will be seven more events following the mud-run, each having a $50 fee to join. The events will benefit the North County Community Foundation, the Dwyer Program, and a breast cancer survivor to name a few.


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