Congressional Members: U.S. Can Do More To Stop Russian Attacks

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Russian forces press further into Ukraine. Deaths on both sides continue to rise and officials are estimating more than a million Ukrainian refugees have fled the country. 

Our local congressional members are appalled at this crisis and for the most part, they’re all saying the U.S. can do more to prevent this situation from escalating even further.

For starters, they said the U.S, should stop buying Russian oil.

“Well if they didn’t get $65 million a day, they wouldn’t have that much money to spend on waging war, would they,” said Rep. Fred Keller (R- PA), “I mean, it it’s really not a hard equation, you know? They’re getting revenue, because Joe Biden has poor policy that made us dependent on that oil and that energy.”

Congressman Tom Reed (R- NY) said the U.S. should welcome Ukrainian refugees.

“We’re also getting briefed on reports of women and children being pulled out in the streets and just shot, just literally shot in front of their families to try to intimidate them to stand down and just commit that evil to try to get that Ukraine army to back off,” said Reed. “Kudos to the Ukraine army, the inspiring the leadership of Ukraine to this is reigniting my faith in humanity to stand up for what’s right. So when it comes to humanitarian aid, we should have all available resources here in America, open to those individuals. Also, we need to partner with our European allies on the front line because they’re going to receive the initial flux of the people coming in.”

They said the world, including other potential aggressors, are watching how we react and we need to show more strength.

“I think when we look at this, let’s not just focus on Ukraine, there is a global crisis taking place right now in our western hemisphere, in Africa, Taiwan will be the next concern and China will be very aggressive with it,” said Rep. Mike Kelly (R- PA). “We just have to make sure that the position that we put up is clearly understood by those who wish us harm, that there is no fight we will not fight there is no price we will not pay to remain free. I just think that’s an important thing for people to know and our allies and friends if they know we’re that committed, then they need to get on board, too.”

The Biden administration announced the U.S. would offer humanitarian relief to Ukrainians who have been living here without legal documentation before March.

Other countries like Canada and the European Union are offering similar relief to refugees.

The New York Times is reporting the Russians have now taken control of a southern Ukrainian nuclear power plant, which is the largest in Europe, raising additional alarms on this continued crisis.


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