Rise In Electric Vehicle Interest With Gas Prices Rising

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – As gas prices continue to rise local car dealerships are seeing more customers come in thinking about buying a hybrid and electric vehicles.

Owner of Auto Express Kia Joe Askins tells Erie News Now with gas prices rising they are stocked and ready to help customers get an electric vehicle.

“We have three electric vehicles that they offer, we have two of these EV6 arriving within the next few days so we will definitely be stocked up with a good selection to fit most peoples needs,” says Askins.

Just last week Richard Kress from Waterford drove out of the lot with a brand new electric car and says while it’s been in the works for a while now, with gas prices on the rise he couldn’t of bought it at a better time.

“Any of these come down to like a regular car then there is also tax credits out there that further reduce that cost and if you look where gas prices are now it starts to make a whole lot of sense,” says Kress.

If you’re worried about charging up the vehicle, Kress says it’s easier than you think, “at first there wasn’t a whole lot of stations but, actually there is one a mile up the road at Walmart, a fast charger that works with these.”

Auto Express Kia says they expect hybrid and electric vehicles to become more popular in the next coming years especially if gas prices continue to rise.

“If you look at our brand they are expecting the growth that they are going to experience this year to come from the hybrid and electric vehicles,” says Askins.


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