Heritage Looks To Grow From Within

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GERRY – As the pandemic-induced labor shortage continues, many businesses are looking for ways to optimize the potential of their current employees. Chautauqua County’s largest nursing home chain has launched a new program to do just that. 

Danielle Bozich, Vice President of Human Resources at Heritage Ministries says the room for growth within her company is exponential. Specifically, she is focused on enhancing the positions for current employees, allowing them to grow to their full potential. 

“We’re really focusing on growing our own. So taking a dietary or housekeeper or unit attendant, and see if they’re interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant to start that first step in their nursing career. And then taking it even further, with the tuition assistance program,” explains Bozich.

Heritage Ministries runs their own four week Certified Nursing Assistant Program for employees, which is also open to the community. 

Before Christmas, the company also rewarded three dedicated employees with vacations and paid time off in appreciation for their dedication through such difficult times. 

“What that was was a golden ticket. And everyone could nominate whoever they wanted for this golden ticket, and no one knew what the outcome was,” says Bozich. “No one knew what the prize was, they just knew that they were recognizing someone. And we got over 800 nominations, which is phenomenal and definitely speaks to the culture and environment here at Heritage.”

The winners all agreed that to be recognized was humbling, as they believe their coworkers to be deserving of the prize. 

In the end, Bozich hopes that at Heritage, it is not just a job, but a place to grow your career in a rewarding environment.


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