How To Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

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JAMESTOWN (Erie News Now) – Gas in Chautauqua County now averages $4.37 a gallon, and although there’s no way to reduce that cost, you can reduce the amount of gas your car needs.

Joe Gonzales of Interstate Nissan says that all starts with inflating your tires to the proper pressure.

“Lower tire pressure, obviously there’s going to be more surface contact,” he said. “That will cause a drag, I suppose you could say. And if you have too high of tire pressure, then you’re wearing down the tires, and you don’t want that.”

After checking your tires, Gonzales says to pop the hood.

Check your oil and change it if needed, then check your engine air filer.

“Make sure it is clean, not full of any debris,” he said. “A restricted air filter doesn’t get enough air, and then you’re getting too much fuel. You’ll be burning twice as much.”

Once that’s done, clean out your car, so the engine isn’t working harder pulling excess weight.

Gonzalez says when you’re out on the road, there are also plenty of ways to make your car more fuel efficient. Gently ease on the brakes as you approach a red light, and when you accelerate, gently ease away. When you’re out on the interstate, use cruise control. It will keep your car at a steady speed, and that will also make your car more fuel efficient.

“Cruise control can help you monitor your speed so you’re not doing that hard accelerating or breaking,” Gonzales said.

Individually, no one thing will magically improve your fuel efficiency, but when combined, they make a difference, and gas prices still climbing, every cent matters.

“Every little bit helps. Everything counts. So drive smarter, and that’s how you get the best fuel economy,” Gonzales said.


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