Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations Kick Off With Downtown Jamestown Run

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JAMESTOWN – Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations kicked off over the weekend in Downtown Jamestown, with runners braving blustery conditions while partaking in a holiday themed run.

Nearly 100 people took part in the snowy three mile run as part of the Chautauqua Striders Saint Patrick’s Dash on Saturday.

Nor the snow or cold dampened the spirits of the day, according to director Jen Swan-Leuze.

“I think some of them think it’s a pretty fun challenge to run in snow, but others I think they just are really wanting to be part of this series,” explained Swan-Leuze.

Taking part in the sprint was no easy task, according to participants like Brooke Langworthy.

“I’ve done a lot of races and I’d say this is probably top five worst race conditions I’ve ran in, with the cyclone bomb or whatever they’re calling it right now,” explained Participant Brooke Langworthy, “It was tough out there for sure I feel like some of the roads by Veterans Park, and Steele, and Harding they we’re hard, slushy, hard to get good footing.” 

There are risks that occur with running in frigid conditions, such as the ice and snow buildup.

“Just keep moving,” stated Participant Bruce Main. “At this age I can still do it so I’m thankful.”

After returning, each runner thawed out with some Tim Horton’s Coffee, amid other goodies. 

This the first race of 11 in the 2022 Chautauqua Striders Runner of the Year series.


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