Uber To Add Fuel Surcharge To Help Drivers With Gas

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – It’s not just drivers feeling the pain at the pump, Uber users are about to see a gas surcharge on their bills.

It’s been a long day for Uber drivers in Erie like Ron Thornton.

“I’ve been to the airport a couple of times, I’ve been all the way out to Fairview from the hospital,” said Thornton.

He’s been behind the wheel full time for Uber the last couple of years. But lately, the prices at the pump are beating on his bottom line.

He pays $70 to fill up his truck every day.

Some long-time drivers are even cutting back on ride share driving for now because they can’t afford to keep their tank filled.

“There’s been talk of people that haven’t quit, but they’ve definitely knocked their hours down,” said Thornton.

That’s why this week Uber is introducing a new fuel surcharge for passengers, 45-55 cents per ride and for deliveries with UberEats are 35-45 cents.

The company says all fees will go to drivers to help them fill up and is only supposed to be temporary.

The silver lining here, Thornton says, is more people are using services like Uber to get around– possibly to avoid the gas stations.

“I think it’s probably cheaper for some people to Uber than it is for them to fill their tank every day,” he said.

Now, times that would usually be slow, turn the Uber map red, meaning riders are ready to go.

“We’re getting surges at odd hours of the day. Just keep in mind, what I always end with, be patient. We’re getting to you. We’re out here, but unfortunately the demand is always going to be higher.”


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