Reed Reacts To The Ukrainian President’s Address To Congress

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Tom Reed is reacting to Ukrainian President Zelensky address to Congress, saying the United States should consider additional steps to help the war-torn nation.

Reed spoke during his weekly media call on Wednesday, saying Zelensky’s petition for assistance was heartbreaking and powerful. When it comes to military fly zone restrictions, Reed said if the U.S. were to take action, they would need to work alongside their allies.

“When it comes to things like fly zones, when it comes to things like even men and women of American Military having to be put into potential harm’s way, to me that’s something that is the last resort, that’s something I’m not advocating for, but it is something that needs to be kept in the toolbox, so that we can keep our enemies guessing, and we can make them, hopefully make a calculated decision that, that is something they, Russia, wants to avoid,” said Reed.

Furthermore, Reed wants Congress to draw up more sanctions against Russia, targeting oligarchs and those who support Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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