Jamestown Leaders Expand Sidewalk Replacement Program

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JAMESTOWN – A renewed push to replace tree damaged sidewalks are underway in the City of Jamestown.

Director of Public Works Jeffery Lehman is working with city residents to rollout $100,000 dollars in American Rescue Plan Funds to launch a program that gives rebates to homeowners to replace sidewalks damaged by trees

“If the tree has been removed and you’ve got a raised sidewalk block that’s in front of your house, what we’re talking about is $6 per square foot toward that block,” explained Lehman. “Which should entice homeowners to get the blocks fixed.”

Homeowners would submit an application for the program and then go forward with the process of replacing the sidewalk.

“They can come in and get a list, contact a contractor, get a price,” stated Lehman. “The contractor comes in and gets a permit, and once the project is completed to the city standard, we go out, we inspect it and then you’d get the check in the mail for however many blocks you replaced.”

Currently there are countless sidewalks in the city that have faced tree related problems.

“City-wide I’ll bet you every other house probably has one of these in front of them,”  explained Lehman.
The initiative is similar to the city’s normal sidewalk replacement program, both applications can be found on their website at jamestownny.gov.


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