New Home Repair Program Getting Underway In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – A new program to help homeowners make repairs to their properties in Jamestown is getting underway, with a big allotment of federal funding making the inactive possible.

Director of Development Crystal Surdyk explained to us that some of the American Rescue Plan Act and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development allocated money is going towards the HOME Investment Partnership Program.

“Every year we get roughly $400,000 dollars from HUD for this program specifically,” explained Surdyk. “This program is limited to homeowners, so a homeowner can apply. There’s a bunch of different criteria they have to meet, income eligibility is one of those criteria.”

Qualifying factors include owning a home for at least two-years and the applicant must have valid insurance on their home.

“Once they apply we do an inspection of the property, and it really looks at the house as a whole.  The program is really meant to be a whole home repair and rehabilitation,” stated Surdyk

The time to make quality home repairs could be a lengthy process, Surdyk explains, but it will be worth it in the end.

“It is a process, and it does take quite a bit of time from beginning to end,” stated Surdyk. “But it is something that is definitely worth it, and we want to make sure homeowners know they do have this available to them.”

For those who might be afraid to apply for help, due to fear of multiple code violations for example, Surdyk says to just call the Department of Development and talk about your options.

“This program will actually allow us to rehabilitate your home to the place where it is free of all code violations,” explained Surdyk. “So, if you have concerns that your home has code violations, we can help you take care of that.”

In total the City of Jamestown has been allocated over $1.2 million dollars in HUD and ARPA funds to use for many different programs including the HOME Investment Partnership Program and the Annual Action Plan.

A public hearing with more information will be held Monday night at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at city hall. Those who cannot attend are welcome to submit comments in writing to the Department of Development. Following the hearing, lawmakers are slated to approve the funding.


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