Rally Held In Krakow, Poland To Support No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine

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KRAKOW, POLAND – Our crew in Poland came across a rally in Krakow to support Ukraine and the refugees. They are calling on NATO to impose a no-fly zone.  

In one of Poland’s largest cities, Ukrainian refugees are making their voices heard by singing patriotic songs. Our crew came across this rally for Ukraine in Krakow’s old town and they’re calling on NATO to do more for Ukraine.

They said “closing the sky”, which means imposing a no-fly zone, will help prevent the Russians from bombing their cities.

“And there are a lot of cities that don’t exist anymore because of the bombings,” said one Ukrainian refugee. “So if its possible please just close the sky.”

We spoke with refugees at the rally. Many said it’s hard to hold back their tears when they see the destruction happening in their country.

“When the Russians started bombing our cities in Ukraine, my daughters called and told me to get out right away because there’s no way we can get you out if the city is bombed,” said the refugee.

Some recall the fear they felt when they heard the sirens go off. Worried a Russian air raid would follow.

“Every day there’s some alarms, four or five times, we keep the children underground because its very difficult,” said one refugee who fled to Poland with her two young children.

They also spoke with us about the difficulty of leaving family behind, like her husband, who is a doctor. She said he’s been busy helping those still in Ukraine.

“In hospitals it’s not only just some rooms, it’s in corridors its everywhere,” said the refugee with children. “The situation in Ukraine is horrible because children, pregnant women, it’s not safe for our soldiers. They just shoot at everybody. My husband told me shared stories of a couple that tried to get out of Irpin, its near Kiev, they just see civilian people in the car and directly just shoot at them.”

Her brother is also over there. “There was one shouting from the rocket and because of the sound wave, the air wave, and he just threw himself from the bed onto the floor and its terrible,” said the refugee. We asked if he was okay and she said he hurt his hand.

They’re grateful for international support but wish more can be done.

“It’s very hard for me and I pray for peace and it’s very hard for me not to cry,” said the refugee.

NATO is hesitant about setting up a no-fly zone because they worry Russian president Vladimir Putin will see that as the U.S. and NATO allies as directly intervening in this war. NATO has said imposing a no-fly zone is not an option.


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