JCC’s College Park Falls Into Disrepair

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JAMESTOWN – A popular Jamestown area park has fallen into disrepair, and now residents are calling on the park’s owner, SUNY JCC, to take action to spruce up the site.

The Jamestown Community College operates College Park, known to locals as the Hundred Acre Lot, located on Curtis Street extension. While the park’s popularity has remained the same over the years, one thing has changed, its condition.

Residents voiced their concerns with the lack of maintenance and repair, including Annette Carlson and her husband Richard.

“There’s nothing being done,” explained Annette Carlson. “The roof is falling apart on the pavilion, the bridge needs some maintenance, the lighting is not well, it’s not well lit in the parking lot, the parking lot needs some updating, some minor repairs and maintenance, the restrooms are not in functioning order.”

Not only does it make the park look bad, but she says it is a huge safety risk to those who brave the trails.

“A person like myself who is handicapped and loves to go for nature walks with their family could easily fall,” stated Annette Carlson.

The Carlson’s shared a few solutions to help the troubled park, like rolling out a work study program to incentives students to help with upkeep.

“I’m wondering if there’s a little bit of funding that could be put towards some repairs, just a start, something,” explained Annette Carlson.

In the end, they just want the area to return to its former glory.

“Look at it,” explained Annette Carlson. “Look at the Moon Brook creek running through here, and look at the pavilion they have built here. Where you can come with your family and have a picnic, and look at how private it is, and all the birds that come here and the Old-growth trees. Everything about it is a gem.”

WNY News Now reached out to SUNY JCC for comment, and we were referred to Dr. Kirk Young, the Vice President of Student Affairs, who initially declined an on-camera interview.

Before running our report, we followed-up with his office, and have not heard back yet.


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