Congressman Supports Jamestown Refugee Resettlement Efforts

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JAMESTOWN – Support is growing to develop Jamestown as a refugee resettlement city.

In December, local lawmakers joined community advocacy groups to discuss resettling Afghan refugees in the greater Jamestown area.

With the refugee crisis in Ukraine growing, support for the idea is as well with Congressman Tom Reed now getting behind the idea.

Reed, speaking during a conference call with reporters, agreed that Jamestown is the choice location because of the low cost of housing, job availability, easy access to healthcare services and support from local school programs.

“When it comes to refugees like Ukraine, for example, clearly, we need to support them. That is an American fundamental belief that we are in the land of security, the land of freedom, the land of opportunity,” said Reed. “When you see women and children, particularly, killed in the streets of Ukraine, that to me hearkens to the symbol of Lady Liberty that we all can support on both sides of the aisle.”

“So generally if these are true refugees like those of the Ukraine women and children I am referring to and they are coming here to embrace that security of America and to be part of the best of America I support that effort,” continued Reed.

Last week, the New York State Enhanced Services To Refugees Program was allocated $6 million dollars, double the amount of past years.

This funding is on top of $2 million dollars the city eyed in December, to help with the then Afghan Refugee talks.


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