“People’s Convoy” Kicking Off NY Tour In Randolph, Niagara Falls

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RANDOLPH – Citizens of the United States and Canada are joining forces, taking stand against government control this weekend, as part of the “People’s Convoy” which is regrouping in Randolph.

On Saturday, the North American Unity Tour will kick off in Niagara Falls and make its way through New York, with the first set of protesters stopping at the I-86 Truck Stop in Randolph Saturday morning at 8:30.

Niagara Falls resident Wendy Dominski is among those taking part.

“We have been in contact with our Canadian friends, and we’re trying to unite us as one because we’re all going through the same tyranny in both of our countries right now with the mandates and the emergency powers,” says Dominski.

The goal of the tour, Dominski goes on to say, is to raise awareness of under-the-radar government control, like pandemic related mandates.

“Masks, I’m a nurse. Masks do not work for what’s going on,” claims Dominski. “That is called enslavement. And those that are listening to it are being lied to, and it’s a shame and it makes me cry.”

The solution, she says, is to speak up.

“We have to call all of our legislators, we have to call the governors, call the mayors. You have to reach out and tell them this is not acceptable,” said Dominski. “They have to know our wishes and wants and then go forward. If they don’t do the will of the people, they need to get out.”

Randolph Resident, and protest organizer, Randy Barber agreed that the public has become desensitized to the issue.

“They’re conditioning society. They’re conditioning you to obey authority without question. It’s more about something like that than it is about health,” says Barber.

He continued that people all around the country, and even the world, are standing up. Barber says that across the country, millions of U.S. citizens have took part in these convoys.

The pair shared their experience in D.C., saying that several members of their group were ticketed for hanging American Flags from their vehicles, as it is a form of protest, which requires a permit. However, when the group applied for one, they were denied.

Dominksi also questioned the integrity of COVID tests, saying it may be an unreliable source of data.

“The guy that came out with the test even has testimony that the test was never intended to detect COVID-19. Period. What they’re detecting, mostly, is flu. You look at the last two years, we’ve had zero flu. How ironic is that,” says Dominski.

Those who wish to attend the event can join the peaceful protesters at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls at 2 p.m.


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