Hunting Easter Eggs Boost Spirits

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JAMESTOWN – Despite rain and snow over the Easter Weekend, several Jamestown families celebrated the springtime holiday with a special Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

The 74th annual Easter Egg Hunt was relocated to the Allen Park Ice Arena due to inclement weather, bringing out tons of families like the Clarks to take part in festivities.

“We loved it,” explained the Clark Family. “It was a little wet outside, and having this event be indoors at the Allen Park Ice Arena at the soccer field, we were really excited to be able to get out and away from the cold weather.”

There were hundreds of prize eggs, and pieces of candy for kids to find.

“She grabbed a big grand prize out there and she decided,” stated the Clark Family. “What did you grab sweetie, you got a duck, yeah.”

It was not just the Clark Family who came across some lucky finds, but the Sipior sisters too.

“Yeah I got 6 prize cards,” stated Madeline Sipior.

“I’m gonna share some of my candy with my family,” explained Josephine Sipior

When reflecting on the candy filled weekend, many were hopeful for Easter Day.

“I don’t know,” explained Mason Ribaudo.

“To get more candy,” stated Carly Ribaudo.

Overall, many of the kids had a great time looking for candy and eggs spread about the turf.

“It felt really good and I really liked it,” explained Madeline Sipior. “It was really fun.”

There was one thing that everyone walked away with, a simple message: “Happy Easter!”


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