Pittsburgh Police Ask Witnesses To Come Forward In Packed Party Shooting

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Pittsburgh’s police chief is asking the hundreds of people who attended a party where two teenagers were killed over the weekend to come forward with information about the shooting.

“Obviously, when you have that many people there, there’s more that can come forward and they need to think about the fact that this could be friends and people they knew that were involved as victims, and we need to get these shooters off the street,” Police Chief Scott Schubert said Monday.

Investigators say multiple shooters were involved in the incident, which occurred early Sunday in the city’s East Allegheny neighborhood at a property that was rented through short-term rental company Airbnb.

The teens who were killed were both 17-year-old males, according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office. Eight other people were shot and five others were injured while running from the gunfire, Schubert said Sunday.

As many as 200 people attended the party, most of whom were underage, the city said in a news release.

The chief said some people who were at the scene have cooperated but they are still looking for multiple shooters based on the different caliber shell casings at the scene.

“We’re trying to piece everything together. We’re asking for cooperation of the public and those who were there on what they saw, what they heard, any videos, any pictures to come forward and help us with the investigation,” he said.

Schubert said detectives were diligently looking at video and doing “everything they can.”

Facebook Live video shows terror as shots were fired

The terrifying moments some teenagers experienced as they ran away from the gunfire were recorded on a Facebook Live video.

In the video, a male partygoer is heard screaming, “He got the gun! Get the f**k out,” as he tries to warn his friends of what’s happening. “He’s about to shoot!” he also screams.

Panic ensues and several teenagers are seen crammed together and rushing toward an exit before shots are heard.

The video then shows frantic teens ducking and tripping over each other as they rush out a door.


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