Gov. Wolf Renews Call For $2K Stimulus Checks For Most Pennsylvanians

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Gov. Tom Wolf is once again calling on state lawmakers to approve his plan to give Pennsylvanians a check using federal COVID-19 relief dollars.

Wolf says he wants to use $500 million of the $2.2 billion of unspent federal COVID-19 relief money to give most Pennsylvanians a one-time, state stimulus check of up to $2,000.

Both former President Trump and President Biden got Congressional approval for their federal stimulus checks, but so far, Wolf’s state stimulus plan has had a cool reception in Harrisburg.

One member of the state Senate Appropriations Committee says his Republican colleagues prefer to spend that money on other things like bridge work on I-79 instead of tolling the interstate.

Wolf says the Republican legislature should act now to provide direct relief for families hit hard by inflation.



  1. For Gods sake , have this money help people directly .?it’s me bet that’s needed right now. Families are struggling and companies are price gauging ! Enough is enough !!!

    • Covid funds,should be used for covid related things,such as a stimulus check,not bridges or roads.Im not saying roads and bridges aren’t important.,but the funds for roads need to come from a different source.

  2. We need some financial help. We are struggling to survive. Housing is ridiculous you care find housing or pay the rents ,food prices are off the chart some of us are lucky if we have something to eat, some of us don’t eat everyday. Gas is off the charts. Please help Pennsylvanians.

    • Come on Pa. This money should be put back in the Pa residents pocket books during this time of need. Other states have released state money months or a year ago during the pandemic to help aid struggling citizens of their states. Now is when it’s needed. Rent, food, health insurance, utilities, property taxes, gas, everything has gone up but my pay check. Stop sitting there discussing what to do with it wasting time. Gas tax pays for our roads and bridges. Stop with such excuses to use the money for other needs other than the people of Pa who need a boost financially.

      • Well let us know who these Republicans are that are blocking the $2,000 payment to Pennsylvania residents and that way we’ll make sure they don’t get elected again

        • There’s one more thing that needs to be said we’re offering Ukraine all this financial help what about helping us here in Pennsylvania California’s been receiving stimulus money New York Delaware all these other states why are we left out in the cold we’re suffering gas prices are sky high food prices are sky high rent has been going up but meanwhile the people blocking this or sitting back with a fat paycheck and Big bank account they could care less about us so we should start carrying less about them and get them the hell out of office

  3. We need faith in our government to pump up the volume
    We really don’t want a hand out. We just need a hand up right now when things are crazy
    I believe in The United States and it’s people. We are the greatest when we work together
    Go Penn State 😉

  4. Im a registered republican but, if the legislature doesn’t get behind this I will no longer support them.

  5. Are you serious, bridge work? Wait until thought we increased the gas tax to fix roads and bridges? So now hand it over to Penn dot while our citizens are suffering from a pandemic and inflation. This is just another reason why I won’t return to Republican Party. God forbid that party spends it directly on the peoole. People need a hand up not a hand out. So break them till they end up in a bread line. Makes no sense! That stimulus would go right back into the economy. It would benefit everyone.

  6. I would appreciate the money so many people are struggling why fix roads they voted on the built back better and all republicans and to democratic didn’t vote on fixing roads or bridges and pharma to lower cost now republicans want to take Pennsylvania money that we need to fix bridges and roads we need it please send us in pa the 2000 🙏🏻

  7. If we don’t get some financial aid you won’t have to worry about anyone traveling on I79! We can’t afford the gas!

  8. This whole thing is rediculous. Groceries and everyday items have doubled in price. My paycheck doesn’t even come close to covering it. Let’s get something done

  9. I pay for my bills and I do not have enough money even to pay all of them. Send the $2,000 to all of us. We need help with food and gas.I have $50 dollars left. Help! I mean now.

  10. this is our money from the government!!!!! covid relief it belongs to the citizens of pennsylvania………..from stimulus to gas to double rent and property tax rebate!!!!!!!

  11. When will the needs of the people be important enough that the Government will help us maybe they should try to device on what were asked to live on the maybe they would understand we need help. I worked all my life paided my taxes did what was right to serve and protect those who needed me. Only to try and live on Social Security that I earned,and watch this government show us just how much they care. help our own American families instead of all these illegal immigrants you keep helping.

  12. Help your people….other states are helping their people…$2,000 doesn’t get very far but please please it will be sooo helpful. Utilizing any help I can get now…trying not to become a victim of being homeless…it was given for the people…everyone needs help….HELP US PLEASE!!!!!

  13. We the people need money just to survive they get plenty of money for bridges and roads what about us people that don’t have cars cause we can’t afford one and I don’t get vacation because I can’t afford it pisses me off all these other states getting payments why not us Republican are a$$es that’s right keep the people that really need it suffering 💩 you make me sick and yes I work everyday!

  14. Meanwhile we’re sending money to Ukraine and other countries what about us here in Pennsylvania other states have been giving stimulus checks out this whole time like California and New York and other places what about us I think of these stubborn Republicans with fat bank accounts don’t want to help the people I think we need to get them the hell out of office so they can suffer the same way we are

  15. I am 55 years young and a single household income. I was struggling prior to Covid-19. Now with the cost of everything I need to survive is gone up and my monthly payments are more than my monthly income working 2 jobs, one full time and one part time, I could use some of my taxed income back! Please help the struggling residents of Pa.

  16. The people need help now
    Gas prices going up food costs electricity
    Maybe we should quit our jobs and go on welfare they live better than the working class😡

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