Falconer School Invites Community To Interactive After Prom Open House

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FALCONER – Falconer High School will host its first-ever interactive open house this week, showcasing 2022’s after prom event to the public. 

School Principal Jeff Jordan says after prom is important to not only give students an opportunity to hang out with friends after the prom itself, but it’s also keeping them safe.

“The after prom is a very important part of our prom itself. We want our students to obviously have a good time but we also want them to be safe. So this is an opportunity for our students to come to a safe environment, have a good time with their friends, win some prizes, eat a lot of food but stay safe for the entire evening,” says Jordan.

One of the many things that makes Falconer Central School District’s after prom so special, is the hard work and dedication of those behind the scenes, like longtime supporter and organizer Rosie Digirolamo, who has organized the event for 25-years.

“Our after prom party is in its 34th year this year, and over the years we’ve kept a lot of kids safe,” stated Digirolamo.

After this year, Digirolamo is stepping aside as organizer, which is why an enhanced open house is in the works for both community members and Falconer alumni.

“The last few years the community has been awesome about donating. Our donations are up over $5,000 this year, and this year we’ve been able to run on almost a $15,000 budget,” Digirolamo continued. “We have wonderful people who donate every year.”

Generally, the open house before the Saturday night affair only gives parents and others the chance to check out the high school’s transformation, but this year it’s extra special.

“We’re having inflatable jousting, an inflatable mechanical surfboard, and temporary tattoos. We’ll also be serving popcorn, sno-cones, cookies, and we are going to have our coffee bar open. The kids can play games and earn prizes also,” Digirolamo said.

After prom has become so popular with the student body over the years, many try to leave the main event, prom itself, early.

“It’s an event that our students look forward to and for the most part our students are ready to leave the prom at 10:30 when it goes until 11:30 because they’re so excited about the after prom,” Jordan added. “Our after prom is special, it’s one of the best events a New York State school has, and we’re very proud of it.”

This open house will take place Saturday, May 14th, starting at 7 p.m. at Falconer High School’s gymnasium.


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