Petition To Rehome “Dangerous Dogs” In Jamestown Gains Traction 

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JAMESTOWN – Neighbors in the City of Jamestown have launched a petition seeking action against a group of “dangerous dogs” who are frequently loose in the area.

Petition founder Merry Williams says the area surrounding 19 Myers Avenue is frequently terrorized by the Kent family’s dogs, who she says, do not abide by leash laws or secure their dogs within bound of their property.

“For the last year or so our neighborhood has had a growing concern about some loose dogs. It seems the more you ask, or the more that you call, there’s not really a solid resolution or anything being figured out. So, the concern for the community is growing,” says Williams.

The concerned citizen contacted the City of Jamestown’s Dog Control Unit, who says the only thing officials can do is to catch the dogs if they are loose.

In Williams petition, which so far has yielded 50 signatures from those in the area, she calls on local leaders to take action, to prevent someone from getting hurt.

“Unfortunately, the dogs have attacked some neighborhood cats to death, and with our children playing outside, I realized once I came forward and made a petition, that there was easily 50 people that felt the same exact way within a three to four block radius,” says Williams.

When reached by telephone, the dog’s owner, Steve Kent, tells us the allegations are far from the truth.

“These people are out of their minds, I will fight like hell before my dogs get taken, to go to any pound,” said Kent. “We have cats running all over, not one of them cats have came up hurt, or injured, or any of the sort.”

Kent went on to dispel claims that the dogs are hostile towards children, saying they were raised around his son and several grandchildren, without an issue. The owner does, however, accept responsibility for their escape.

“Nine out of ten times them dogs have been loose because of my grandkids,” explained Kent. “We put the lock up high on the door, what’d they do? My grandson got a broom, boosted the lock up, to let the dogs out.”

In the end, petitioners believe the animals should be removed from the Kent’s home, since they have proven unable to abide by the leash law and have made no effort to contain the animals even after complaints.

“We’re kind of waiting for the disaster to happen, and we’d like to call on our local leaders and city council before there is a further loss of life,” says Williams.

Councilman Bill Reynolds, who represents the neighborhood, told WNY News Now that he urges Williams to bring her concerns to the next Public Safety Work Session meeting.

Williams says anyone who has had an experience with these dogs is welcome to share their story at the Lost & Found / Displaced Pets Jamestown, NY Facebook page to participate in the petition. For attacks, residents are urged to go to city court to fill out a dangerous dog complaint.

Our newsroom reached out to Jamestown Police Tim Jackson for comment on this story, but as of publication has not heard back. 

WNY News Now’s Justin Gould contributed to this report.


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