First Of Its Kind Tim Hortons Coffee Shop Design Coming To Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – Plans are in the works to build a first of its kind Tim Hortons coffee shop in Jamestown, with local developers eyeing to knock down drive-thru wait times.

“We’ve really covered every street in Jamestown,” explained Tim Hortons Franchise President and Owner Blake Tarana. “We have Brooklyn Square as our first store, then we covered basically the surrounding area, coming into Jamestown you hit a Tim Hortons, this is the last road that you hit, that you never saw one.”

The proposed expansion would be Jamestown’s sixth Tim Hortons coffee shop, featuring an 880 square foot build-out on Washington Street and bringing in around 25 new jobs.

“Just because it is a (smaller) store,” explained Tarana. “Overall, hopefully what happens is, if this store is busy, it might make the other stores busier, and we’d have to hire more there.”

The proposed location’s top priority is speeding up the ordering process, with not one, but two lanes to order in the drive-thru.

“It will be limited menu, not as many items, but the goal is to be able get people in fast, and out fast, so people who have their specific items every day, and this store has those items, they can come down, hop in line, and get out,” furthered Director of Operations Cody Blaisdell. “And not be behind someone with a $50- or $60-dollar order, who maybe doesn’t know what they want, first time at the location.”

The prototype features no inside seating, but will be able to service those on foot via a walk-up ordering window.

“100 seconds is what we like to hit, sometimes you are faster, sometimes it takes a little longer, but it depends on what everybody is ordering in front of you,” continued Blaisedell. “With this new model, and the limited menu, hopefully we are keeping everybody at 100 seconds or quicker.”

The Franchise owner hopes this project will be approved by the City of Jamestown Planning Board in late June, and could start construction in July, with a grand opening anticipated sometime this fall.


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