Buffalo Community Continues To Mourn Losses After Mass Shooting

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By Elspeth Mizner

BUFFALO, NY (Erie News Now) – In the day after the deadly shooting that took the lives of ten people at a Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Street in Buffalo, community members have continued to come together mourn as a community.

Crowds filled Jefferson Street as people grappled with the reality of a shooting in their community.

Silas Garrison, a member of the Erie County Restorative Coalition said, “I have used this Tops my entire life. This is a place that is very near and dear to my heart. My grandma knew the security guard for a very long time, and it’s frustrating that we’re seeing this happen.”

Garrison along with other members of the Buffalo community want to see change come from this. He believes it starts with education. “The number one thing I would like to see now more than anything is re-education. I see so much work towards legislation and laws. Laws don’t just fix the problem, it comes down to education as well”, said Garrison.

While some community members are looking for change, others are still in shock.

Dewitt Lee III, a Buffalo resident said, “It’s sad to say we are experts in mourning. You could drive down Buffalo, New York or any community and find a makeshift memorial like this”.

Even in the midst of mourning, the Buffalo community still continued to come together. There’s been a number of memorials created and people came to lay flowers and candles and say prayers and take a few moments in silence.

There’s a number of organizations that came together to provide food and support. The Red Cross is just one example, where people passed out water and fresh food for people who are out all day.

One of the groups helping out is the Western New York Peacekeepers. Leonard Lane, a Board Member with the New York Peacekeepers said, “When this mass shooting happened, we were already boots on the ground, ready to respond to tragedy, such as this. We just never thought it would happen It would hit so close to home with some of our family members would be shot down.”

Other organizations said restaurants have dropped off meals to people in the neighborhood and those in mourning too.


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