Larry Sharpe, NY Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Visits Chautauqua County

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BEMUS POINT – Libertarian Candidate for New York Governor Larry Sharpe made a campaign stop to Chautauqua County on Wednesday evening, meeting with potential voters and addressing points of his political agenda. 

From clean energy, issues in public schooling, LGBTQIA+ matters, and even the future of women’s reproductive rights in New York, gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe has a full agenda.

While speaking in Bemus Point, Sharpe talked about the homelessness crisis in New York.

“We should be having specific homes sponsored by companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctor’s offices, large organizations where it is specifically for people like working mothers, veterans who can’t assimilate, whatever the case may be,” said Sharpe.

As for clean energy, the candidate jumped into the wind turbine debate, a hot topic in our community.

“The biggest piece to be concerned about is right now the boards that are putting in the solar plants and the wind power and all those things, they are not elected. They are not accounted with the local people at all, and they need to be,” Sharpe explained.

Sharpe also proposed a way to increase teachers’ pay, upgrade technology, and improve public schooling as a whole.

“Local people have more control over their individual school districts, which means you don’t require all those administrators. There’s a chunk of administrators all across New York state who are only there because of federal and or state guidelines. You fire some of those administrators, you can give teachers raises, spend more money, buy computers, whatever you may need,” said Sharpe.

He also discussed LGBT+ relations.

“I usually use the acronym GSM, it stands for gender and sexual minorities,” explained Sharpe. “We support everybody’s right, you do you, absolutely. And anything that is actively hurting anyone in the GSM community, I’m going to be against.”

The last point Sharpe touched on was concerning women’s reproductive rights.

“I do want less abortions in New York state. While I would never want the government to decide what should happen with a woman’s body ever, whenever you establish any prohibition, you always end up punishing poor women. I do not want to punish poor women, I want to give poor women more choices so they choose to not have abortions,” Sharpe said.


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