Jamestown Hands On Neighborhoods Held

Image by Bronson Rasmussen

JAMESTOWN – Saturday morning brought a lot of action to the Jamestown area, from new greenery being planted all over, to the street cleaners doing their rounds, and many taking part in the Hands On Neighborhood city wide cleanup event, in an effort to help beautify the city.

The clean up event employs the help of community members to take up action and help clean up specific areas, in this case the downtown Jamestown area, along with the riverwalk were the main targets.

Changing it up this year, the city has condensed the amount of official clean up events down to three, from seven last year. The city is also allowing participants to pick and choose where they want to clean up in hopes of more community support.

The event had over 70 participants pre register, with even more coming out to help clean up. 

“When things look nice, people are actually, their moods are lifted, their spirits are lifted,” explained Adam Rohler. “So we’re happy to do our part.” 

“I think it’s a fun way to get people together, and to do something that ends up being great for the community at large,” says Director of Development Crystal Surdyk.

For those that couldn’t make it to the cleanup event, Surdyk says that the city offers support to all who would like to help clean up at any time.


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