County Health Department Focused On Lead Poisoning

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JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Housing committee heard from the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services about an issue plaguing the city, lead poisoning.

Lisa Schmidtfrerick-Miller presented to the committee the Health Department’s Healthy Housing Program, and its goal of reducing the egregious amount of lead poisoning cases in Jamestown.

“Approximately 75 percent of those cases are in the city of Jamestown,” stated Schmidtfrerick-Miller. “And it’s completely preventable.”

The Health department had applied to the county for 3 million dollars in Lead hazard control money through Chautauqua Opportunities. Showcasing that lead poisoning is a big issue locally, and if a child succumbs to it, the results are disastrous. 

“Lead poisoning affects a child’s brain development, and can result in a loss of IQ points, learning difficulties that will persist throughout their schooling,” explained Schmidtfrerick-Miller. “And can lead to behavior issues that affect their ability to be successful in their working lives, really can follow them throughout their lives.”    

She goes on to say that there are many programs that can help almost everyone that applies. All they have to do is put in a little effort.

Other hazards that they are looking out for, and cover through different programs include mold, asthma triggers, trip and fall hazards. As well as another grant to help test for Radon.


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  1. To be accurate, the lead health hazards in Chautauqua County are mainly caused by deteriorating lead paint and the toxic lead dust created from it’s breakdown. Showing the background video of running taps, water lines, etc is misleading and inaccurate in relation to our community.

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