Construction Businesses Are Affected From Inflation And Shortages

Image by Erie News Now

ERIE (ERIE NEWS NOW) – We’ve felt the pain at the pump, pinched pennies for groceries, but now carpentry is affected by inflation and shortages. Prices have risen, supplies are limited, and customers are not pleased.

Georgia Neumann is adding a new addition behind her home. She’s paying an extra $50,000, which is doubled from the original price.

“They are skyrocketed. The prices are astronomical. They told me before this covid and all of this we’d pay $50,000 less,” says Neumann.

She hired Braendel services to do the job. Carpenter Clayton Dawes says an addition like Neuman’s normally takes 4 weeks, but chasing down materials pushed it back. A 2×4 used to cost them three bucks. Now, it’s costing them eight dollars. Plywood is the same way. A sheet used to be $10 now, it’s running $40.

“For an outside sliding door, usually it only takes like two weeks to get it, and for whatever reason, it upwards of three months,” Dawes says.

However, there’s light at the end of this dark tunnel. At one point, phone calls were skimmed but now are slowly going back up. As for Neumann, another addition will not be happening anytime soon.

“We’re happy we’re getting it done. If we had to do it all over again, I’m not so sure,” Neumann says.

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